Blogging For Money: Developing
Your Writing Skills

Developing writing skills takes practice and self-discipline. Writing for the web is indeed a craft. Follow these tips to improve your writing:

Spell check and proof read
Try to use correct spelling, grammar and syntax. Make sure you read over your post before up-loading. It's all part of creating the right impression with your readers.

Check your facts
If you are endorsing a product or making a statement make sure it's right, double check everything.

Be keyword-rich
Headlines should be short and snappy. Contain your whole argument in your headline and include as many keywords as possible.

Write tight
Edit your own writing harshly. Ask yourself, "Do I really need that word?" and if not, delete it.

Be organized
Blog platforms are basically like a mini content management system. Use the elements they provide to purposefully organize the content of your blog. Think about your overall structure and the categories you want to cover over time.

Link to other sites
Enrich your post with links to other web pages within your copy. Ensure that the links are relevant and contextual to your post.

Make your posts easy to scan
Use sub headings and short sentences to assist people to read through your copy quickly if they need to.

Link to your archives
By linking back to your previous posts within your copy, you begin to contextual ties, building depth within your subject matter. Today’s update will become your own back story.